Have Heard About 5 Must-Read Books On Generational Trauma ? Have Heard About 5 Must-Read Books On Generational Trauma ?

Have Heard About 5 Must-Read Books On Generational Trauma?

  • December 15, 2023
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  • Jessica William
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What Is Generational Trauma?

Before we start listing the books, do you have any idea about generational trauma? Well, generational trauma is also known as transgenerational trauma. According to the medical world, it is known as psychological and emotional impacts that later convert into experiences and then cross from generation to generation in a particular family tree. It can be from father to daughter or from mother to son. In most cases, their problems and experiences come from the past generation. For instance, if they had any disaster or worse experience that was unbearable, it changes into trauma or fear.

Some studies have also proven that the effects of trauma can be very dangerous if they are not treated in time. When any individual experiences a traumatic event such as war, abuse, or sexual violence, it can result in long-lasting emotional scars that can take eras to heal. These experiences can have a profound impact not only on the life of an individual but also on how they lose their sense of feeling. Behavior may also be affected, which may affect life.

Generational trauma suggests that these effects can be transmitted to subsequent generations through various mechanisms. This transmission can occur through family relationships, cultural influences, and even biological factors. Therefore, in this blog, we will study how books on generational trauma can heal an individual and bring them back to life.

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Why Do Readers Get Attracted To Generational Trauma Books?

If you get a choice, whether you want to be happy or sad…what will you choose? The answer seems very obvious as people would choose to live happily. Right? But in an interview, a famous author was asked a question, to which he replied, “Happiness is something you can experience in relation to unhappiness.”

If you have ever been familiar with what unhappiness feels like, it can surely make you more grateful for experiencing happiness and much more.

Books On Generational Trauma Can Help Recover Trauma?

It can be difficult to say that one can completely recover from generational trauma just by reading a book. Books on generational trauma are made to help you while you are struggling with your experience, as these books contain personal life examples and experiences that are gathered in one platform. These are presented perfectly to help others achieve the best in their lives. First and foremost, everyone experiences trauma differently. An event that is traumatic for one individual could not be traumatic for another. We know that everybody has their own unique way of thinking and feeling about such experiences. Know that it’s okay if something traumatizes you but not anyone besides you.

List Of 5 Must-Read Books On Generational Trauma

There are some books that are known as the best books on generational trauma. They are highly recommended to heal and bring you back from generational trauma.
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#1 It Didn’t Start With You by Mark Wolynn

The book “It Didn’t Start With You” by Mark Wolynn can help any individual recovering from generational trauma. The experiences and personal examples in it are literal gems. It is like a step-by-step guide that can break the chain of depression inherited in the family. If you are interested in such books, the author Thomas Wermuth, in his book “My Imaginary Friend,” has a lot in store for you.

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#2 My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem


The book “My Grandmother’s Hands” by Resmaa Menakem is a powerful, action-packed book for all readers fond of generational trauma books. It highlights not only the trauma but also the impacts that one faces from those experiences. If you are interested in such books, then Thomas Wermuth has the best version for you. Read his book “My Imaginary Friend” now.

#3 Survivor Café by Elizabeth Rosner

The book “Survivor Café” by Elizabeth Rosner is one of the many masterpieces books on generational trauma, as it highlights the individual facing societal pressure. It shows how they learn from the painful lessons that they have been facing for so long. Through her book, Rosner aims to help and bring those individuals to reality who have been lost somewhere in the dark. If generational trauma books fascinate you, then the author Thomas Wermuth, in his book “My Imaginary Friend,” has great insight for you.

#4 What Happened To You? by Bruce D. Perry

The book “What Happened To You?” by Bruce D. Perry is a story about childhood trauma experiences that causes deep and emotional damage to a pure soul, resulting in physical and mental behavior problems. This book is the perfect gift for you. If you are also suffering from generational trauma, then Thomas Wermuth’s “My Imaginary Friend” is all you need.

#5 The Courage of a Nation by Teresa Naseba Marsh

The book “The Courage of a National” by Teresa Naseba Marsh is a book full of hope, compassion, and understanding. It can help in overcoming generational trauma and addiction. Want to have more information about how to recover from generational trauma? Then Thomas Wermuth’s book “My Imaginary Friend” has covered you all.

Is There A Difference Between Generational And Intergenerational Trauma?

If we talk about generational or intergenerational trauma, then there is not much difference. This trauma is also known as “ancestral trauma” too. But whatever you call it, it’s simply all the same. They all have the same meaning, which directly affects the mental health of an individual from generation to generation.


If you are suffering from generational trauma, there is no need to feel like you are just replaceable. If something bothers you, you have the right to speak up for your rights. Solve the problem from where these problems originated. Often, people feel shy away from sharing their thoughts, which disturbs them as they believe that people may laugh or make fun of them, but this is not the reality. The situation that causes a problem for an individual like that is the type of generational trauma books are being written about. It is to make the reader feel safe and they can heal from their trauma, which bothers them from generation to generation.

About the Book 

Thomas Wermuth’s book “My Imaginary Friend” is about overcoming obstacles in life by making a cute imaginary friend as one enters maturity. This novel skillfully examines the hardships of growing up while valuing friendship. The author has a great writing style that expertly combines entrancing words and moving reflection. Each chapter paints a picture that draws the reader into a realm where fantasy and reality coexist. The author brings to life the characters and their situations via the use of vivid imagery and intense emotions.

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