10 Tips of trauma healing therapy by Thomas Wermuth 10 Tips of trauma healing therapy by Thomas Wermuth

10 Tips of trauma healing therapy by Thomas Wermuth

  • July 6, 2023
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Trauma healing therapy has gained popularity over some years through various celebrities and general public now, as they have been vocal about how they have stigmatized their inner peace and clarity of mind, making them feel alienated with the world, them having no emotionally connection towards people around them. They have also felt helpless and fell prey in the hands of disbelief and distress also thinking to take up their lives, also leading to anxiety, depression and addiction have been noticed in some scenarios that makes everyday life challenging.  Nevertheless, there is a team of professionals which could be hired for your help. Healing takes time, endurance, and optimism, but when someone achieves their goal, all the struggle and hard work is worth the reward.

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What is a trauma?


Each one of has been traumatized in one way or the other due to any terrifying situation we have been into. It can be any experience that we have experienced in our childhood, adolescent years or in our adulthood. We are traumatized mostly emotionally and psychologically, that shatters us from within leading to low self-esteem, emotionally unstable, a feeling of insecurity, unable to be out-spoken.

Traumatization Caused By:

All these elements arise due to traumatization. It may be caused by any minor conflict with the exterior physical world or people around you. It can be caused by bullying, harassment, constant criticism, character assassination, poor academic performance, any learning disorder, or any physical weakness which limits your capabilities and where the other gets an opportunity to belittle you, and therefore, this is how you are traumatized. In spite of that, there are ways where trauma can be combated with proper medication and professional help and guidance of certified doctors. There are three parts of traumatic experience that are:

a) the events that are traumatic – the events that cause physical, mental and emotional pain to an individual
b) the experience of the events – two people can completely have a different point of view of the same event
c) the impact of the event on life – the event can have a lasting impression on the person’s mental, physical and over-all well-being.

Possibility of Healing from trauma via therapy:

A person can heal from trauma and there is no doubt about it. With professional help and with determination anyone can overcome this medical condition under guided professional supervision. If a person has a physical injury for example, a cut in the finger, now it can be healed with time. On the other hand, healing from trauma is totally a different process. It is a tedious process where the process takes even more time to undo the embedded damage done by the trauma.


Terminology of Trauma  Therapy:

  1. Birth trauma therapy
    Giving birth to a child is potentially a traumatic event which most women usually have to go through. The traits of this conditions imposes a negative impact on pregnancy and childbirth, that leads to difficulty in bonding with the newborn, postpartum depression and tensions between a couple. The consequence of neglecting birth trauma can be the core cause of a suicide too.
  2. Intensive trauma therapy retreat
    If your life is scarred due to conditions like anxiety, depression, grief and loss, PTSD trauma, behavioral challenges, stress, anger management or issues, divorce, death of a loved one, prolonged medical illness, LGBTQ struggles, bullying, domestic violence, sexual or child abuse then this concerned therapy is available for our help and healing.
  3. Body trauma therapy

    Going through traumatic events can have a negative impact on your relationships, wellbeing and your mental health. These therapy sessions can assist us to release distressing experiences, accessing greater feelings of joy, peace and connection.

  4. Trauma therapy programs

    There are rehab centers that exist and are keen to immediately help us whenever we are deliberate to ask for it.

  5. Best trauma therapy

    The following are some trauma therapy suggestions:
    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps to create an awareness of the beliefs and thoughts about a certain situation.

  6. EMDR

    (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy) helps sufferers of PTSD heal faster than through traditional therapy, often in the first six to twelve sessions. It helps people process trauma on an emotional level.

  7. CPT

    (Cognitive Processing Therapy) is similar to cognitive behavioral therapy that helps to reduce symptoms in people who have experienced extreme trauma.

  8. CBP

    (Component Based Psychotherapy) is an approach that works specifically with those who have experienced childhood emotional abuse or neglect.

  9. DBT

    (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) is a modified version of cognitive behavioral therapy. It focuses on living in the moment and helps us with ways to avoid overthinking.

  10. Psychodynamic therapy

    Psychodynamic therapy is also called “talk therapy” where patients have a one on one session with the therapists which helps them get relief from unresolved conflicts from their childhood experience.


Nonetheless, there are some tips on healing trauma therapy. Let’s get on a reading spree to get more enlightened on this topic.



  1. Acknowledging the support

    It is foremost vital that you should be willing to heal and accept the support from the trained professionals. Sometimes, healing occurs individually in isolation or it might call in for a community support.

  2. Indulging in Physical Activities

    Sweat it out in Yoga, Exercise, Pilates, Jogging, walk or other physical activities to keep yourself physically fit. Also, stick with a healthy diet.

  3. Journaling your inner feelings

    Make sure you journal your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. This will let you keep a check on your mental health on a regular basis. It will help you to keep yourself sane.

  4.  Connecting with Family/friends
    Take out time for your family, spend quality time with them either by planning several outdoor outings at a leisure park, or arranging small trips for a night out at a resort, going to a theatre to watch a movie or a long drive, regularly going for a stroll at a park, going at arts and crafts exhibition and other activities you name it and you can indulge in. This will enhance positivity within you and let you have immense inner peace.
  5. Avoiding addiction
    Avoid binge drinking/ smoking as its consumption will only multiply in number only to convert you into an addict. This will further only worsen your condition. You might think that it is easing your pain but on the contrary, it is corroding your system on the inside as well as outside.
  6. Choose a leisure activity or a hobby for yourself
    A hobby is a life savior for a lifetime and even for lifetimes. You can take up cooking, knitting, wrestling, mix martial arts, gymnastics, arts and crafts sessions, Trauma Healing books reading sessions, bird watching, deep cleaning your room/house, gardening, writing, dancing, singing, learning to play a musical instrument etc. to keep your mind in a peaceful mode because there’s nothing one can’t achieve.
  7. Practicing self-care
    You can speak positive words to yourself, and try and avoid to be hard on yourself.
  8. Follow a routine
    Avoid skipping your regular routine and don’t amend them.



Either consciously or unconsciously, each one of us are traumatized which corrodes us physical, mentally and emotionally. The core reason for it to occur is anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, bullying, abuse, domestic violence and many other ways which possibly exist. Moreover, we live in a time period where all these conditions could be treat with proper medication and train professionals if we seek or are willing to get the require support. In addition to that, there are tips on healing trauma therapy which are available for our assistance.

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